Darius I

The will of Darius the Great

This will was announced by “Darius the Great” and then written in 486 BCE

Darius I
Darius I (The Great)

Now that I am passing away, twenty-five countries are part of the Iranian empire.  All these countries use Iranian money. And Iranians are respected in those countries. People of the countries also have respect. Khashaya  (Xerxes I) should be my successor. Like me, try to protect these countries. The way to maintain these countries is not to interfere in their internal affairs. And respect their religion and rituals.  When I die, you have twelve crores in the royal treasury. And this gold is one of the pillars of your power. Because the power of a king is not only in the sword.  But it is also related to wealth, of course, remember that you have to do this and reserves must increase. Not that you should laugh at it. I am not saying that you should not take it because the rule of this gold is to withdraw it when necessary. But in the first opportunity to return what you took to the treasury. Your mother Atusa has a right over me. So constantly provide the means to satisfy his heart. I have been busy for ten years. I have been building grain warehouses in different parts of the country. And I have a way of making this. I learned that the warehouses made of stone are in the shape of a cylinder in Egypt.  Because the warehouses are continuously emptied, insects do not appear in them.  Grains in those warehouses last for years. Without being spoiled. And you should  build  them they same way after me. Build them until there is always two or three years’ supply of the country in the warehouses. And every year new grain is obtained from the existing grain added to it. Use warehouses to supply food shortages. And the new grain after testing it, should be transferred to the warehouse. In this way, you will never have food shortages in this country. Doing so, you won’t have to worry even if there is a drought for two or three consecutive years. Never use friends national affairs. For them, The advantage of them being friends is enough ,  Because if you put your friends aside and use other servants to work for the country, you will not be able to oppress the people and make illegal demands or not being punished because they are friends with you and you have to respect them. Canal, which I wanted to create between the Nile River and the Red Sea is still to be completed. It has not ready yet. And finishing this canal is very important in terms of trade and war.  And you have to complete that canal, and there should be no tolls for ships passing through that canal. It is so hard for ship captains to pay, and prefer to pass through somewhere else if they pay toll.  I have sent troops to Egypt, so this territory of Iran, will establish order and security. But I didn’t have a chance to send an army to Greece, and you should do this.  Attack Greece with a powerful army. And let the Greeks understand that the king of Iran is capable of punishing the perpetrators of disasters. I suggest that you never allow a liar and a flatterer. Because both of them are pests are royalty. And drive away the liar without mercy.  Keep officers and soldiers of the army satisfied, and do not mistreat them. If you mistreat them they will not be able to work correctly. They will retaliate on the battlefield. Even if it is at the cost of killing their own lives. Their retaliation will be by holding their hands and surrender. Provide  education that I started, and let your subjects can read and written until their understanding and intellect increases, and as much as they understand more, the better you can reign. Always be a supporter of Yazdan (God) religion. Be  a worshiper, but do not force any people to follow your religion. and continuously remember that everyone should be free to do whatever they want and whatever to follow.  After I died,  wash my body and then put my body in prepared shroud that I made. Wrap it around me and put a stone coffin on the grave. But don’t block my grave, which exists, enter the grave whenever you can. Come and see my stone coffin there and understand life. I am your father and the king. I was powerful and reigned over twenty five countries, people and you are like me as well.  One day, you will die because the destiny of every person is to die. Whether the king is the owner of twenty-five countries or a thorn. If you get a chance whenever enter the grave and see the coffin. Never be both the plaintiff and the judge.  If you have a claim from someone, agree to an impartial judge to consider and issue a decision. Because, the one who complains even if he is a judge, he will be unjust. Never stop improving, because if you stop improving your yourself, it will ruin the country. Digging aqueducts and building roads and city planning are of the first importance. Don’t forget forgiveness and generosity. And knowing that pardon should be used only when someone has made a mistake towards you. And if he has done wrong to someone else and you forgive the mistake, you have done wrong. I will not say anything more than these statements.
I made it with those who are present here besides you so that they know before my death. And now go and leave me alone because I feel that I am about to die.